Paper tube making machine

The full set machine includes the original Paper cuttin […]

The full set machine includes the original Paper cutting machine and Paper tube making machine.

technical parameter

Technical parameter of original Paper cutting machine

Cutting speed 300m/minute
Max. diameter of original paper 1200mm
Power 4KW
Max. working width 1700mm
Max. winding diameter 900mm
Speed control Electromagnetic speed regulation


Technical parameter of Paper tube making machine

Roll tube paper layer 2-12 floors
Paper tube diameter 30-100 (mm)
Paper tube thickness 1-8 (mm)
Tube speed 0-25 (m / min)
Fixed-length mode Light Control (Infrared)
Winding machine head Two machine head
Cutting method Single round knife cutting
Core mold fixed way Flange plus tight
Glue way Double-sided adhesive
control method Frequency
Input voltage 380V / 220V
Number of operators 1-3 people


If you need brand printed paper core, we have the one color Paper printing machine.